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The website is a private website and we reserve the right what to publish and not to reply to emails.
Since the relaunch of the Apple-1 Registry in March 2018, Achim Baqué takes care of it. With the relaunch, new information, revisions, pictures and even some discovered Apple-1 were added in the first year. It is a lot of work. Support of the Apple-1 owner is needed.

Your Contribution

Yes please! If you have information to share with people interested in Apple-1 computers, feel free to let us know!

Please inform us about all errors found.

To publish any picture or footage, The Apple-1 Registry must get written permission of the owner of these materials. If you don't declare that the content of your e-mail is confidential, you agree that it can be used and published.

To publish third-hand information, we need the written permission of the author. To publish anything about Apple-1 or auctions, we need provenance.

Apple-1 owner

Owner of Apple-1 computers are highly encouraged to send us any information!
Highest discretion is guaranteed. Just let us know which information is public and what is for our eyes only. It is very important to get an overview of all existing Apple-1 computers. Even if some owner choses to remain anonymous, it would be very kind to get pictures and some basic information about the Apple-1.

NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement

We are willing to sign a Standard-NDA if necessary. We will ONLY publish things with permission. You may send us your NDA form or use this US Standard-NDA form or the European Union Standard-NDA form.

Original Apple-1 computer images

We have had many inquiries about getting high-resolution pictures. So far, these inquiries were always related to improving replicas. There is, however, a pretty thin line to cross between nice replicas and counterfeits and we are not willing to cross this line. The photographer might have had honest reasons to take the pictures, but many black sheeps exist.

Some people that ask us about super-high-resolution pictures might be the nicest and most honest humans on the planet, but some are not.

If someone asks for pictures of the back of the computer and of the conducting paths under ICs, for example, I'm sorry, but that is suspicious.

To make it clear: We understand people wishing to get a nice replica. BUT if someone tells me they want a replica with even correct conducting paths in invisible sections, then NO. There is absolutely no respectable reason for this other than the desire to produce counterfeits.

Even the biggest fan would not notice or see what is under the chips.

Any reliable collector or Apple fan will be happy to get a nice replica and will not need a counterfeit.

Of course you can't stop people from breaking into your house, but most Apple-1 owners will not give their keys freely.

High-res pictures and particularly macro-shots could be a problem. Such detailed information can be connected to plans to produce better fake units.

The Mike Willegal's registry is a wonderful tool to register Apple-1 computers and pictures. Anyone selling an Apple-1 can go through the information on this list. Many informations are not public, which is positive since this secrecy protects the real Apple-1. To come up with a “new finding” of any Apple-1 is pretty hard. If someone tries to make a counterpart of an existing Apple-1: that is awkward, since every Apple-1 is unique and the original owner will complain.

We do publish some pictures of Apple-1 computers, but we will not provide detailed pictures of everything nor conducting paths. Reliable museums will deny requests as well.

About me

Achim BaquéMy name is Achim Baqué. I am a vintage computer collector.
I was born in 1968 in the former Western Germany.
I live and work mostly in Germany.

Owner of four original Apple-1. One Apple-1 is on loan to the Deutsches Museum Munich in Germany since 2017. A second one was given to an exhibition '100 Masterpieces' in Karlsruhe/Germany for 2018/2019. These two Apple-1 I gave to the museum for free.
To preserve the history of the Apple-1 as good as possible I do a lot and got in contact with many important people. For example: I visited some Apple-1 owner, Wendell Sander, Jerry Manock, Daniel Kottke and others in the USA in one trip to get more information about the Apple-1 history. People like Chris Espinosa gave me valuable information as well. I do appreciate any help. More