Ronald G. Wayne

Ron Wayne He was and will ever be a part of the Apple history. His contribution to Apple was the first logo and the contract. Maybe everyone would have sold all Apple shares like he did. Who could expect that this company would be successful? It was against all odds.

Many people can’t understand why you sold everything but it makes total sense. Today it is easy to say it is billions worth. But it is the same at stock market. Everyone is always smarter in hindsight. You never know if it is wise to sell or not.

Ron Wayne generously allowed me to publish his explanation (remember: for any reprint or reproduction you need the permission of Ron Wayne and the Apple-1 Registry but you can link to this story without permission):

Meeting Steve Jobs 1976

By early Byte Shop employee Clay Archer with kind permission.

Apple-1 homemade in 1977 from plans by Steve Wozniak

By Bryan Blackburn with kind permission.

Steve Wozniak's calculator

Steve Jobs and the VW bus

Curator of the Apple-1 Registry visited Daniel Kottke, Wendell Sander and Jerry Manock

10 Apple-1 sold in 1976 to Germany

An entrepreneur from Germany met Steve Jobs in the famous garage in Silicon Valley 1976 after reading an article in about the Apple-1 in a plane from California to Germany. He bought 10 Apple-1. More about this remarkable story later. I stay in contact with the buyer.…

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