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Not many software for the Apple-1 exist. Apple Computer itself had only a few cassettes to offer. Today it is very comfortable to use music player instead of cassette player.
All software for Apple-1 can be found as sound files. You can record those files on tapes or use modern music player.

Apple-1 Software

A good source for Apple-1 software can be found here:
Apple-1 software at
Apple-1 software at Mike Willegal's website
Article about WOZ writing BASIC from the scratch
Memory test by Mike Willegal
Try this Apple-1 Emulator ! You can even load programs. But you need some knowledge how use the Apple-1.

How to?
To use software, you have to load it from a cassette or music player by typing on your Apple-1 the command C100R. Next you have to type a individual code to start the program. Type the code, start the cassette or music player and hit enter. You need passion because it take some time to load. Last step is to type a code to start the program.
For example to start BASIC you have to enter E000.EFFF. This will load the software. After loading type E000R.


Some documents were offered by Apple Computer. If you would like to get your hands on it, you may find some scanned documents.

Apple-1 Operation Manual

Apple-1 OP Manual Two different versions exist. First manual shows the first Apple Computer logo (Newton under the Apple tree ). Second has an apple on front cover. A preliminary manual exist as well.
The manuals containing schematics of the Apple-1.
Apple-1 Operation Manual

Apple-1 OP Manual

Apple-1 Cassette Interface Manual

ACI manual Apple-1 Cassette Interface Manual

BASIC Manual

Basic Manual Two different versions exist. First manual showing the first Apple Computer logo (Newton under the Apple tree ). Second got an apple on front cover. A preliminary manual exist as well.
Apple-1 Basic Manual

Apple-1 price list

Price list Until around April 1977 the Apple-1 was listed in the official Apple Computer price list .

Apple-1 advertisement

Two versions exist. Single sheet and a page in computer magazines (for example Kilobaud). Apple-1 ad
Apple Ad First Apple-1 ad

Apple-1 product information

Leaflet with some product information. Product Information Product Information Both images with kind permission of David Larsen.


Apple article Apple and some computer shops had placed advertisements since July 1976. Some newspaper articles have been published.

Apple article The new computer magazine Kilobaud published another article in February 1977.

Steve Jobs article Steve Jobs wrote an article about how to use the SwTPC PR-40 printer with an Apple-1.
Steve Wozniak published several articles as well.


First West Coast Computer Faire First presentations happened at the Homebrew Computer Club.
At the PC-76 show in Atlantic City Apple was present.
At the First West Coast Computer Faire Apple had a stand and was successful in selling computers.

Zaltair prank

Zaltair Zaltair was a prank done by Steve Wozniak. Very young Adam Schoolsky (later an Apple employee) helped him to pull of it at the West Coast Computer Faire. Of course, the Zaltair was a non-existing computer.

Steve Wozniak loves jokes and pranks. At the First West Coast Computer Faire (1977) he had many copies of a handout advertising the fictional computer called Zaltair. Woz wrote, he had 20,000 copies. Only a few still exist. MITS, the company building the Altair, obviously didn't like this brochure very much.

Woz didn't told Steve Jobs about this prank. Woz wrote in an article for the 'Digital Deli', that he told Steve Jobs the whole story four or five years later at dinner. Woz gave Jobs maybe 6 or more years later a framed handout as a birthday gift.

Fun fact: If you take the first letter of every word in the fictional quote on the front page, you get 'Processor Technology'.


Apple letter Some other Apple-1 related documents exist. For example bills, letters and postcards from Apple Computer. Product information for Apple-1 and Apple II exist as well.
A few bills still exist. Those bills are handwritten.
The Apple-1 and the young Apple Computer company were shown in some computer magazines.
A one of a kind Apple-1 related document is the Apple Computer contract.Every founder has one and Ron Wayne sold it.
Later in history numerous books and articles were written about the Apple-1 and the young Apple Computer company.
Many can be found in your favorite book store in many languages.

You can link to the Apple-1 Registry. Any form of reprint or reproduction (including excerpts) only with written permission of the Apple-1 Registry. Here you find press releases and images free to use under CC BY-SA 4.0.
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