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'Production prototype' Apple-1 - number 2 in the Registry






Might no longer exist.

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Nov 17, 2018

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Article by Harry McCracken

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The image in McCracken's article shows a unique motherboard with some unique components.
From the image, it looks like originally that regulated + 12 and - 12 was provided to the edge connecter. The production unit supply unregulated +12 and -12 to the edge connector. Woz doesn't remember any of the details surrounding those changes.

The mainboard is very different from the production units. The 6800 area is populated. There is no switch board above the 74154. No connector. Orange capacitors. The logo is different. Chips are arranged the same way like in the production units but trace lines are very different. For unknown reason it was changed. According to screenshots the prototype was working.


The current location of any of these pre-production boards, if any still exist, is unknown.
Woz indicates that there were probably about 3 prototypes made to verify the board layout.
They were not flow soldered
Woz isn't sure, but they were probably soldered by Steve Jobs, though Woz may have done the soldering


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU, purple ceramic PIA, 4 KB ceramic DRAM. 3 big orange capacitors. Small silver-colored capacitors. More information under 'Description'.


Amkey keyboard


Unique mainboard. Prototype.

Change log (since March 20, 2018)

Nov 17, 2018: Components (shortlist). Components. State. Description

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