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Looks like power supply connector bypassed.
Name in the registry was "Byte Shop 60" until March 2018. Name of first owner is the better choice.


Adam Duston bought this computer and #45 in the Apple-1 Registry at the Byte Shop in 1976.
Puchased from Adam Duston August 1996 by David Larsen.
For auction (including replica ACI) at Charitybuzz June 21, 2018. Highest bid was surprisingly US$ 210,000. Did not met reserve. After auction much higher prices were offered.
Current ownership: After auction in 2018 David Larsen got some offer including one from the curator of the Apple-1 Registry because they know each other for years and in 2015 Achim Baqué visited David Larsen in Floyd and stayed at his home for 2 days. David showed him his unbelievable huge collection including three of four of David’s Apple-1. David offered his whole collection and Achim was ready to buy it in 2016 but the Lonnie Mimms was faster. Lonnie bought all but two Apple-1.
Eventually this Apple-1 was bought in a private deal after auction by Achim Baqué in 2018. David had some offers even much higher than the one from Achim but luckily for the new owner, he sold it to him. Achim visited the Larsen’s in 2018 again, was again invited at their home and pictures and videos were made about the hand-over. It is the fourth Apple-1 for the happy new collector.


June 2018


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU (4176), plastic Synerrtek SY 6520 PIA (7630). Was 4 KB plastic DRAM + 1 single DRAM chip at B13. Later by David Larsen upgraded to 8 KB DRAM (mix of MOSTEK, some MK4096-16, date code 7408).


Replica Cassette Interface.


Video RCA connector added (the same modification is found at number 45 in the Registry). 2 additional chips on socket at proto area. Many added wires on the back. Blue keyboard connector. Power cables soldered directly to the mainboard (later removed by David Larsen). Blue capacitors.
On the back two cutted traces reconnected by red wire.
Some ICs replaced.
7 DRAM chips added by David Larsen.
The blue socket was changed to black one in 2018. The silver capacitor was changed. Additional chips at prototype are removed by David Larsen.
After these new modifications in 2018 the board looks different compared to early pictures. Some other Apple-1 still have the blue keyboard socket - a modification done by first owners.For some people it looks now more like boards from the factory. The RCA connector added by first owner is still present.


David Larsen presenting this Apple-1.
2018 Historic computer brought to life - Dustin 2 Apple1

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