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'Hatfield' Apple-1 - number 48 in the Registry

2 pictures published.


2nd batch NTI

Handwritten number, stamp, label

no number on the back


South Korea


Auction. According to pictures.




I found out in May of 1013, that the box was not an original box and has been discarded
Owner has added an interface to a selectric printer.
Owner complained to Apple about limited software availablity - Apple offered to exchange his unit and $400 for an Apple II - see this remarkable letter from Jobs about it.
Refurbished, rework removed and put into working order for auction in 2013.


Original owner was Fred Hatfield (not a baseball player).
Sold to a Texas based collector in fall of 2012 for $40,000.
Auctioned by Breker auctions in May 2013 to someone in Asia for $671,400.


no auction


White ceramic CPU, plastic PIA, 8 KB plastic DRAM. 3 small yellow capacitors, 2 small and 3 blue big capacitors.


Original Apple Cassette Interface, 2 cassettes, documents.


Some added wires on the back and components on breadboard. Some connectors.

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