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Owner website with many information and pictures.


Major update of all information on March 2nd 2018 thanks to Rick Crandall.
This Apple-1 is now in a wooden case built after 2002 by Rick Crandell.
A very detailed description can be found at Rick Crandall's website. Even some letters of first owner Larry Nelson you may find here.

With kind permission of RIck Crandall:

Letters from Larry Nelson 1976 – 1980 to Joe Torzewski, Apple I Owners Club
“… purchased my Apple I in June, 1977…. Am enclosing a listing of a Tic-tac-toe game that I developed to run in the Apple I.”

“… working on BASIC. I’ve cracked a lot of the code and am working on cleaning out a lot of the trash. It looks like they threw this thing together to get a computer out the market fast. Probably used bits and pieces from other listings, since there are several places with bad listings.”
April 8, 1981 – “… the NEW BASIC is almost ready! I’ve re-written the whole thing …”


Originally purchased in June, 1977 by Larry Nelson.
Purchased by Rick Crandell in December 2002, with a lot of extras, including a PR-40 printer and misc documents.
Case was built in 2002.


White ceramic CPU, purple ceramic PIA, 8 KB plastic DRAM. 3 small golden capacitors, 2 small and 3 blue big capacitors.


Wodden case with Datanetics keyboard. SwTPC PR-40 printer and misc documents.
Preliminary Basic manual, white operation manual, Cassette Interface manual, pitted Apple-1 ad, cassette. Cassette recorder, 1975 Hitachi TV.


Wooden case built after 2002. Proto area populated with 2 ICs. Propably on the back some wires. Some added wires on power section.Green slot got some damage.

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