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'Museum in Bern' Apple-1 - number 35 in the Registry


2nd batch NTI

Number / stamps / sticker

Stamp 77


Switzerland, Bern
Museum for Communication Bern, Switzerland


In a museum. According to pictures.

Last update

Apr 09, 2018


Article in German language


Description is of the board in the Applefritter pictures! The board in picture from the Bern museum is different than the Applefritter pictures, but I'm told the machine in the Applefritter pictures was sold to that museum.Plastic 6502 and ceramic caps.
This board got a litlle stamp '77' in the lower right corner on the front!


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU, pastic Synertek SY6520 PIA, 8 KB plastik DRAM. 3 golden and 5 blue capacitors.


Unique metal case with keyboard. Power supply. Monitor, White Operation Manual (not sure it is original), Cassette Interface Manual, Apple-1 advertisement.

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