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Details of recent restoration / Owner's website. Including information about some peripheral boards, programs, early Apple history and much more.


Mike Willegal has a comprehensive component list for this board detailed in spreadsheet.
The Apple-1 has been modified to become a 32K machine by the owner. A few other parts have failed over the years but Dr. Wendell Sander still have all the original parts that were replaced (including the 4K DRAMs) except for one 2504v (more about this in history section).


Dr. Wendell Sander purchased the Apple-1 and Apple Cassette interface from a Byte Shop at Blossom Hill Road in South San Jose along with the needed transformers and a Decwriter Keyboard in July or early August 1976. He has no longer the keyboard.
Wendell Sander had contact to Steve Jobs and met him in person while demonstrating a Star Trek game. In August 1977 became Apple employee #16. He worked on the Apple II and designed the Apple ///.
One chip 2504v was replaced by Steve Jobs in 1976 a few months after Wendell Sander purchased it!
Steve Wozniak signed the Apple-1 and added the most unique dedication every seen on an Apple-1: "To Wendell, a most incredible engineer! Woz. Apple would not have happened without you!" (see pictures). Note by Achim Baqué: I really have to thank Wendell for sharing the amazing pictures and information. Wendell has created some incredible Apple-1 boards, Apple-1 case and an Apple-1 keyboard.


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU, plastic AMI S6820 PIA, 8 KB plastic DRAM. Blue capacitors.


Apple Cassette interface. Power supply.


Very good! Proto area populated with 3 chips on socket. Some wires on the back. All additional components and wires added by first owner Wendell Sander himself!


Wendell Sander talking about the Apple-1/a>

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