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'Mitchell Waite' Apple-1 - number 65 in the Registry


1st batch

Number / stamps / sticker

Stamp 7




Existence confirmed. Known to registry caretaker or expert. According to pictures.




Mitchell Waite

Last update

Apr 11, 2018


Mitchell Waite was interviewed in Episode 252 of TRIANGULATION 6 June 2016. See link in video secition.


Mitch Waite told Mike Willegal:"I bought mine from a Byte Shop in San Rafael after seeing Jobs demo it at the Homebrew Computer Club. I built a weather station on my houseboat and got Steve Jobs to drive to Greenbrae to see it in action. I wanted to write a computer graphics book and use it but he told me they had a much better Apple 2 coming out and I should come to Cupertino and he'd give me one. There is an amazing story that visit and subsequent relationship - you can read it at my ancient blog (click books). Woz modified the PIA on the board so I could control a homemade wind speed device on the roof with assembly language and the sweet 16 Assembler."


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU (1576), plastic AMI S6820 PIA (date code vanished), 8 KB plastic Mostek DRAM (MK4096-16 mixed date codes 7726, 7728 and 7734). Blue capacitors.


Apple Cassette interface (NTI), modern Triad F31-X and F40-X power supply, not original Apple II+ keyboard.


Very good. Some modification reversed. Crystal replaced. Traces next to 3 DRAM chips cutted and later reconnected.Prototype area once used. Some components resoldered.Earlier added wires removed. Edge connector slitted and fixed. Still two added wires on the back.Two later replaced ICs.


Interview with Michael Waite

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