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'Hoag' Apple-1 - number 57 in the Registry


2nd batch NTI

Number / stamps / sticker

Sticker 4062 and 43, stamp 6




According to pictures.

Last update

Mar 20, 2018


Sticker 4062 and stamp 6 on front and sticker 43 on back. Most chips were pulled prior to Glen acquiring it.
Many replacement chips have been found.
Hasn't been powered up.
Monlythic caps and GE14F diodes.
There was a twin to this unit, acquired from the same high school student, by John Burr, co-owner of the ComputerLand/Belmont, but it's current status is unknown.


Acquired from a high school student around 1980 or 1981 while working as a tech at Computerland/Belmont - webmaster thinks this was probably an unsold unit


Plastic CPU, plastic PIA, missing DRAM. 1 small golden and 7 blue capacitors.


Very good.

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