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'Jef Raskin' Apple-1 - number 51 in the Registry


2nd batch NTI




Existence confirmed. According to pictures.

Last update

Aug 08, 2018

Website / Pictures

Pictures done at Jeff Raskin's visit at Digibarn.Wikipedia about Jeff Raskin.

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Failed to sell at auction in June of 1999.
Jef has passed away at age 61: Appears to be in the possesion of his wife. A picture of Jef Raskin's wife Linda Blum with the Apple-1 at Digibarn exist.


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU, plastic AMI S6820 PIA, 8 KB pastic DRAM. 1 small golden capacitor, 4 small and 3 blue big capacitors.


ACI, TRIAD power supply from 1979, keyboard. Video and power connector missing. Video and power cables soldered to the mainboard.


Very good.

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Aug 08, 2018: Name. History

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