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'VCF midwest demo' Apple-1 - number 28 in the Registry


1st batch




According to pictures.



Last update

Mar 20, 2018


A unit has been operated at VCF Midwest for the past few of years
Also at K'Fest in 2013, where WOZ signed it.
Shown at VCF east.
This unit was operating for a long time with monitor and BASIC on a breadboard, because it was missing original PROMs.
This unit was operating for a long time with an Apple II power supply.
Replacement PROMs have been found, as well as the large Sprague Caps, so the unit now looks like it was as it was originally shipped.
Mike Willegal discussed the history of the unit with the owner at VCF east in 2014. This unit came from an early Apple employee, it probably was a unit that was traded in, rather than one of the unbuilt units All the unbuilt units are NTI versions and this one is without the NTI logo. Why it was originally missing critical components is a bit of a mystery.


Plastic CPU, plastic PIA, 4 KB plastic DRAM. Blue capacitors.


Very good.

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