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'Framed 4' Apple-1 - number 17 in the Registry

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1st batch

Handwritten number, stamp, label

01-004 on the back6
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Existence verified. Auction. According to pictures.



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Auction November 2013

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Board and box signed by Woz.


One of four units framed by by this Enthusiast in 1993. Kept by Enthusiast until 2013.
Auction Breker in November 2013. Sold for $340,000 to CEO of major company.


Nov. 2013


White ceramic MOS CPU, plastic PIA, 8 KB plastic DRAM. Blue capacitors.


Original Apple Cassette Interface. Mounted on frame. Keyboard, Cassette recorder, power supply, Sanyo monitor, Operation Manual, Cassette Interface Adapter Manual, Preliminary BASIC Manual, 4 cassettes. Probably original box.


Very good.


About the auction including pictures.

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