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List of all Apple-1

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Mission statement

The Apple-1 Registry is a list of all known Apple-1 computer. The purpose of the Apple-1 Registry is to preserve information, history, whereabouts and condition of the few remaining Apple-1 computer. Independent, free to use, not influenced by the interests of any individual, company or organization and without any rating system. Any Apple-1 computer is an important piece of history. Contact

About the Apple-1 Registry

List of all Apple-1
Mike Willegal originally created the Apple-1 Registry. The credit for starting the registry belongs to him. This list is an institution on the Internet. Owners, enthusiasts, Apple-fans, auction houses and the press always refer to this list. Apple-1 computers are an important and rare piece of history. Too much information is already lost or forgotten.

No rating

No rating system will be used to rank the condition of the Apple-1 in this registry. Every Apple-1 is unique and it would be unfair to rank them in this registry. For some people any modification done by first owner is part of the history and worth to keep it and for other it is reducing the value. Keep in mind, any Apple-1 is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for. There is no rule.

To the Apple-1 Registry

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Everyone can link to any information of the Apple-1 Registry.

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